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That started the first little seed of me thinking there had never been a film about Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead ,” he said. That seed has sprouted into a feature length Pixar film that will hit movie theaters this fall. Coco is based in Mexico. It is about a young boy named Miguel whose family comes from a long tradition of shoemakers that shun music out of respect for their great-great grandmother. That presents a big problem for Miguel because he wants to be a musician and secretly worships the country’s biggest singing idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel pursues his dream on Dia de los Muertos, a celebration dating back to pre-Columbian times that honors deceased family members. In the film, Day of the Dead is the only time the spirits of family members can return to the Land of the Living to visit their loved ones. In his pursuit to become a singer, Miguel finds himself trapped in the spirit world and will need the help of his ancestors to get him back to the Land of the Living. Originally, Pixar considered focusing the movie on death and overcoming grief, but filmmakers changed their focus after traveling to Mexico to research the holiday. The movie is ripe with Mexican imagery and traditions that may be new to American families.


Creator of ‘the little balck dress’ in which Vogue described as the fashion equivalent of the Ford motorcar. By she owned 5 buildings and employed people and had taken her talents into jewellery, handbag and perfume design. Introduced her first perfume, Chanel No. Considered to be the creator of ‘costume’ jewelry in the s. Since , Chanel has been designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Coca Domestication History The earliest evidence of coca use discovered to date comes from a handful of preceramic sites in the Nancho Valley. Coca leaves .

Doctor Neo Cortex Doctor N. Gin[ edit ] Doctor N. His name is a play on the word “engine”, and his first name has never been revealed. As a child, N. Gin went on to become a world-renowned physicist in the defense industry. However, due to a budget cut, [52] one of his missile projects ended up faulty and, as a result, went awry, lodging itself into N. Gin was able to stabilize the weapon and reconstruct it as a life support system at the cost of his sanity. Gin is stressed or angry, leaving him with a large headache a trait inspired by creator Jason Rubin ‘s own chronic migraine headaches.

Gin discovers that 25 smaller “Slave Crystals” are needed alongside this “Master Crystal” in order to power Cortex’s new “Cortex Vortex” device.

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Algae Algae, seaweed, nori, kaiso, agar agar, miuk, carrageen, Irish moss, spirulina, tecuilatl: vitamin rich edible gifts from the sea. Consumed from prehistoric times forward, culinary applications depend upon place/period/people.

Photo courtesy of Tim McGuire. Only from Milwaukee WI. All amber, primarily TN and KY. All from Jackson TN amber and aqua. For each style listed above, you can click to see an example. Note there are also custom styles that do not fall into one of these categories. The S-S Cokes originally had labels. To see one with its original label, click here. There are reproduction labels around in new condition, so if the bottle looks old and the label looks new, then chances are that the label was added later.

To see an original and repro label side by side, click here. In this photo, the repro label is on the left and the original label is on the right. Hobbleskirt Coke By Cokes started being produced in the familiar hobble-skirt shape which is still used today.


Gosh I love this one! It’s worth the price and it’s long lasting too. I will purchase another bottle soon!

Soup Food historians tell us the history of soup is probably as old as the history of cooking. The act of combining various ingredients in a large pot to create a nutritious, filling, easily digested, simple to make/serve food was inevitable.

Share Coco boosted her 5ft 2ins frame with staggeringly high-heeled pink shoes. The proud mom carried her daughter Chanel who looked darling in a pink dress with a daisy on the front and two frills at the hemline plus rose colored rights and pink T-bar shoes. The year-old glamour model, who may have been filming a commercial for Eureka vacuum cleaners, slipped her curves into a skin-tight blue and pink floral body suit Sucking it up: The celebrity wasn’t actually seen filming, but the cleaner was still by her side as she strolled So cute: Chanel looked darling in a pink dress with a daisy on the front and two frills at the hemline plus rose colored rights and pink T-bar shoes Coco tied a pink bow in her cutie’s wavy blonde hair.

At one point she put her little girl down to let her play with some sunglasses on a sidewalk stand. Coco and Chanel may have been filming a commercial as someone was seen pushing a Eureka vacuum cleaner beside her, while a man behind her checked out a camera. Chanel seemed very interested in a street stall covered with sunglasses so Coco put her little girl down Making her choice: Her mother fussed with her head band as the tot reached for a pair of sunglasses How do I look?: Chanel tried on a dinky pair of shades with yellow frames Meanwhile, there was no sign of Coco’s husband of 15 years, Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, Aside from Chanel, the year-old hip hop star has two adult children Ice, 24, and daughter LeTesha, 40, from previous relationships.

Special Victims Unit as Odafin Tutuola for 17 years.

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Yes, it featured glamour model Coco Austin whose eye-popping 39DD vital statistics were worth an initial viewing just on their own, but for many the appeal of yet another celebrity couple — Coco and her husband, controversial rapper Ice-T — publicising their relationship for the benefit of TV audiences seemed dubious at best. As Ice-T said of the show at the time: They thought I’d be burying bodies in the back garden and Coco would be off stripping at birthday parties.

We have a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca‑Cola in to being recognised as an industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices today.

Medieval music While musical life was undoubtedly rich in the early Medieval era, as attested by artistic depictions of instruments, writings about music, and other records, the only repertory of music which has survived from before to the present day is the plainsong liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church, the largest part of which is called Gregorian chant. Pope Gregory I , who gave his name to the musical repertory and may himself have been a composer, is usually claimed to be the originator of the musical portion of the liturgy in its present form, though the sources giving details on his contribution date from more than a hundred years after his death.

Many scholars believe that his reputation has been exaggerated by legend. Most of the chant repertory was composed anonymously in the centuries between the time of Gregory and Charlemagne. During the 9th century several important developments took place. First, there was a major effort by the Church to unify the many chant traditions, and suppress many of them in favor of the Gregorian liturgy. Second, the earliest polyphonic music was sung, a form of parallel singing known as organum.

Third, and of greatest significance for music history, notation was reinvented after a lapse of about five hundred years, though it would be several more centuries before a system of pitch and rhythm notation evolved having the precision and flexibility that modern musicians take for granted. Several schools of polyphony flourished in the period after Much of the later secular music of the early Renaissance evolved from the forms, ideas, and the musical aesthetic of the troubadours, courtly poets and itinerant musicians, whose culture was largely exterminated during the Albigensian Crusade in the early 13th century.

Forms of sacred music which developed during the late 13th century included the motet , conductus , discant , and clausulae. One unusual development was the Geisslerlieder , the music of wandering bands of flagellants during two periods: Their music mixed folk song styles with penitential or apocalyptic texts. The 14th century in European music history is dominated by the style of the ars nova , which by convention is grouped with the medieval era in music, even though it had much in common with early Renaissance ideals and aesthetics.

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Print this page If Walls Could Talk You may love your home or you may be desperate to move, but either way you’re probably familiar with its corner. But what do you really know about its history? Each room in your house has a longer and more intriguing history than you probably realise. I’ve been concentrating on ordinary homes, not just grand mansions, and looking at things like forks, and curtains, and wallpaper, and underwear, and cleaning products.

You might well ask: But in truth I believe that if you examine all the little changes in the way people use and think about their homes, you can chart great, overarching, revolutionary changes in society.

Coca‑Cola HBC is a bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company and a member of the Coca‑Cola system, the most extensive soft drinks distribution system in the world. The Coca‑Cola Company and its bottling partners – including Coca‑Cola HBC – together make up the Coca‑Cola system.

The Flapper History The costume history image in our minds of a woman of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is actually likely to be the image of a flapper. Flappers did not truly emerge until Flapper fashion embraced all things and styles modern. A fashionable flapper had short sleek hair, a shorter than average shapeless shift dress, a chest as flat as a board, wore make up and applied it in public, smoked with a long cigarette holder, exposed her limbs and epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the nights away in the Jazz Age.

But because construction of the flapper’s dress was less complicated than earlier fashions, women were much more successful at home dressmaking a flapper dress which was a straight shift. It was easier to produce up to date plain flapper fashions quickly using flapper fashion Butterick dress patterns. Recorded fashion history images after the twenties do reflect what ordinary women really wore rather than just the clothing of the rich.

The flapper fashion style flourished amid the middle classes negating differences between themselves and the truly rich, but continuing to highlight some differences with the really poor. The really rich still continued to wear beautifully embellished silk garments for evening, but the masses revelled in their new found sophistication of very fashionable flapper clothes.

Find flapper costumes at the Halloween Costumes store. The Short Skirt Misconception of the Twenties New students of costume history often mistakenly assume that all dresses day and evening were short in every year of the twenties and that flappers were the only fashion style of the twenties.

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