Quantified Men: Tinder, Lulu And The Fallacy Of Hot Dating Apps

But is it sexist? The first girl to rate guys on the app won the prize money. Claxton quickly began rating her Facebook friends—guys she knew—and then broadened, reviewing guys that been selected for her at random. As part of the process, she assigned each guy hashtags pre-chosen for her by Lulu. Lulu, now seven months old, is rapidly gaining popularity. Using the app, girls can anonymously rate and review their male Facebook friends, as well as men they don’t know, completely anonymously. The app launched in February and now boasts 1 million users—all of whom are girls, and most of whom are between the ages of 18 and Since Lulu began, it has seen million profile views, and according to Appdata.

Hinge (app)

If all goes according to plan, this could revolutionize online dating and turn the visuals-first patriarchy of apps like Tinder on its head. You may already be familiar with Lulu, a lady-centric app that allows users to create reviews that dish the dirt on rotten guys and shower the good ones with praise-laden hashtags like SexualPanther and DoesHisOwnLaundry. Up until now, the app functioned mostly as a resource.

It was a reference tool ladies could turn to for extra info on potential mates, and then, following a gradual evolution and some key updates, a self-assessment system for curious dudes who wanted to know how they were faring with the ladies. Male users, however, can only comment on their own truth bombs. The truth bomb section of the app reads like a message board.

Hinge is a dating app founded by Justin McLeod in The app uses connections to Facebook friends to facilitate connections. With a goal to be seen as younger and cooler than or eHarmony but less superficial than Tinder, Hinge dispensed with Tinder-like swiping and used the slogan “the relationship app”.

Cheating is to the heart what MTV is to the brain, I like to say — meaning both result in utter devastation, and only someone who is short a few brain cells can have any part of either. The person inflicted becomes merely a shell of their former self and is forced to continue on as some emotionless zombie for an unprecedented amount of time, until they learn to trust again.

After reviewing these results, experts surmised the gender gap towards monogamy is closing. Now think about it: Would you stay or would you stray? Better yet, what would she do?

Best Dating Apps Series: Lulu

A group of three female friends, matched up with a group of three male friends — like a triple blind date. Started in New York, Grouper came over to London last year, but then changed its mind shortly after. Hmm … probably hate!

So its not technically a dating app, but since it involves matters of the heart we decided it could count for our Best Dating Apps Series. Also sorry dudes but this one is only for the ladies! Lulu is a girls only “private network to share insights on love and life.”.

Email The “smart girl’s” app Lulu is a male database, rating system and digital meeting place where women go to share men reviews and recommendations. Lulu’s target demographic are women 18 to 24 years old. As an exclusively female social platform, Lulu markets itself as an empowering space for women to honestly share and gain insight about a man based on a scoring system that includes points and hashtag strengths and weaknesses.

Men and women objectify, stereotype and gender segregate every day. The controversy lies in the fact that boringaswhitebread and washboardabs lives in a legitimate mobile app and not in fleeting verbal conversations exchanged over a no-boys-allowed boozy brunch. Girl Crazy Lulu is a research tool, and like Instagram and Facebook, the digital space provides information for girls to learn more about guys. Lulu is actually just another catalyst that unleashes the crazy in single girls, further perpetuating the crazy-girl syndrome epidemic.

For instance, on Lulu blog post: Her eyes dart from profile views and most recent view to all-time high score and gonebymorning. Lulu is promoted to be a space were single ladies create camaraderie and look out for one another. In reality though, Lulu can be a dark place for a girl with a crush, creating unwarranted anxiety, anger, and well, craziness.

Evaluating The “Rate A Male App”

Updated Jul 2, at Read these 5 fast facts about the app that continues to cause controversy. Lulu App Was Created by Alexandra Chong In , Alexandra Chong created a startup called Luluvise, which was a private network aimed at young women ranging from In Jan , Lulu conducted a small private beta at Florida State University and University of Florida to test the app among college students. The app became successful amongst female college students as it was downloaded 60, times in one month.

In Feb , Lulu launched as a mobile app and became successful amongst female college students was downloaded by 60, times in one month.

Now, Lulu is becoming more of a messaging and dating app: Lulu has rolled out the ability to let its members send messages. But only women can make the first move — not unlike Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe’s dating app Bumble.

With the introduction of DynamicQ, it’s clear that League now rewards players for teaming up and queuing together. Beyond ELO gains, the added benefit of playing with friends and the lack of toxic players and greater teamwork is invaluable. This obviously leads to higher win-rates and more enjoyable games! We are a couple fans of the game based in Australia and we have been working on an app that aims to address the problem of players with not enough friends to queue with regularly.

I moved to Australia from the California over a year ago now and one of the hardest parts of the move was missing the friends I played LoL with daily. I eventually met my friend, Steercub, and we came up with the idea for Unite. We’d like to introduce our app to anyone who considers themselves an early-adopter, to provide us with some feedback. The app is Unite LoL free on iOS app-store, Android port in development , and is a location-based app aimed to help you find other summoners that you can use to build a team, prior to joining a queue.

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People Who Need Peeple: The Worst People Rating Apps

Reading through various blogs and posts made me realize — aside from the obvious mistakes I was making, of course — just how many more opportunities there are for flirting today. Most of it happened in person: Sure, they are still flirting in hallways, backseats, and theaters, but they are also flirting over text message, social media, and apps specifically designed for flirting and dating. OkCupid is an app and website that allows users to create a profile which can be rated by other users.

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Lulu Dating App Pubblicato: Of its millionstrong community, the dating app is seeing 60 million active users in over countries, with , new people signing up for a Badoo experience each day, apparently. Chong also tells me shes excited to be back in London, although shell still be splitting her time with New York, and to return to the place that showed so much support to her and Lulu in its early days. Lulu is not a dating app, per se..

Not all men are so magnanimous about their presence on Lulu, of course. Your high school crushs friends?

Lulu App Lets Only Women Rate Exes Video

Linkedin Love at first swipe may sound cheesy, but its the newest way we iPhone-loving somethings get our kicks. New apps keep popping up claiming fast and easy results for a good time, so I was curious when these comments popped up on the now very popular CSU Confessions Facebook page: We must fight back the LuLu plague! WTF has my life come to.

This post is adapted from SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data? Become a Priceonomics customer. Which dating app offers the best chance of meeting someone you’re interested in? That’s the question on the minds of people using dating .

To date, , reviews have been created and the typical user comes to the app times per day for an average visit of 8 minutes. The app is unashamedly exclusive and only girls can create and read reviews of the guys they know. This game-changing move has driven guys crazy and tens of thousands of them have tried — and failed — to get into the system. A private, fun — and safe — space for girls to talk Girls on Lulu review guys they know in a number of categories including appearance, humor, manners, ambition, first kiss, sex, and commitment.

The app allows girls to choose a photo of a guy and add his name to the database. The overwhelming majority of Lulu reviews are positive — girls spreading the world about their awesome brother or cute coworker. Lulu puts the girls in control. Girls register via their Facebook accounts, but Lulu never posts to Facebook. All girls are always anonymous on Lulu, and their activities are always private. Every sorority girl at FSU is on Lulu and everyone is talking about it!

Girls spend tons of time discussing their relationships and crushes and the Lulu app captures it perfectly. The best part is that Lulu is private and secure. An avid tennis player since the age of 6, Alexandra later went on to represent her native Jamaica on the world tennis scene as part of the Jamaican Olympic Team and the Federation Cup team.


Cc1 Test message Good evening. And thanks for joining us. Dating online has never been easier. It’s not all wine and roses. The hot new app lulu is stirring up controversy for its anonymous, often snarky reviews of men. Some find it down right offensive.

Lulu, the mobile dating app for women, has changed its system to allow men to opt-in. The Lulu App is Ruining Dating. Emily Shire. March 6, Provide an opt-in system for religious organisation who wish to conduct marriages for same-sex couples. A Conservative Path Forward on Same-Sex Marriage.

About Us Lulu The concept is simple: Lulu dating app is an application for women that allows them to write anonymously and without their consent their former buddies. Appearance, humor, first kiss, education, ambition, sex everything is scrutinized to give the opportunity for contenders to get an idea about this potential Prince Charming before the meeting. Attention must still provide evidence that you know the person.

Lulu reached million downloads in the United States. Alexandra Chong does not stop there! Since November , the application is available in Portuguese in Brazil. After Adopte Un Mec in France, Lulu located in the trendy digital experiences where women are driving. Lulu Dating Site allows women to rate the men they met: The new Lulu dating site allows its users to a score of 10 men with whom they were removed by their attitude, their style, their ambition and even sexual performance!

Created by Alexandra Chong originating in Canada, Lulu helps women hone their search criteria when they make online dating. Reliable meetings Comments women post in the form of hashtags such as SmellsGood GreatLover AmazingSmile accompanying notes and an online chat is also available. Made public, various opinions of women ensured more tranquility to the idea of meeting a stranger.

Lulu dating site allows women to secretly rate men on their looks:


If something is on there, can you snapshot and send it to me? By logging in through Facebook, women suddenly had access to profiles of their ex-boyfriends, best friends, and one-night stands. The good and the bad memories could be released in one fun cyber-klatch that felt more like venting to girlfriends over drinks than writing sketchy rants in Reddit groups like the other gender has been known to do.

More importantly—though perhaps less cathartic—women could read what their sisters-in-arms had to say about a potential love interest. Men, unsurprisingly, tend to resent Lulu, and often hypocritically so , considering the ample revenge porn sites and other online groups devoted to objectifying and shaming former girlfriends via social media. And they were pretty successful at going after Lulu, too.

Lulu’s in town. Lulu is a dating app for women that scores men in seven different categories, including ambition, humor, commitment, looks, style, kissing and sex.

Online dating has been around for several years, but thanks in part to mobile dating apps, it is exploding. Yet women have not been as quick to embrace the dating apps; men are twice as active as women when it comes to online dating, according to r esearch. And women have been subjected to hostile, lewd and harassing comments on popular dating apps, like Tinder and OkCupid, which have been created by largely male teams. Female entrepreneurs have seen an opening, and several dating apps have been created by women — for women.

Others, like Bumble, which launched late , are newcomers on the market. Bumble Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, had a messy breakup from the company. She then quickly rebounded with a new dating app called Bumble, where women users are in charge. Bumble also just introduced photo messaging —but all photos are watermarked with the users name and face to prevent people from sending incriminating photos.

It uses your Facebook information to match you with friends of friends. The sisters are confident in their ability to do business. By contrast, Dattch features a pinterest-like layout which is heavy on pictures. The pictures remove the need for self-description and instead drive conversation towards interests and hobbies. But there are exceptions.

Lulu App Lets Only Women Rate Exes