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Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer. Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft. Contrary to Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is an odd man who is playful, a little spoiled, has no regard for rules, and dislikes policemen. He has recently received anonymous threats, blackmails, and has even been stalked at an occasion. One day, a series of kidnapping cases break in Dobong-dong, the district Bong-soon lives in, and she is determined to catch the culprit after her friend was targeted. Under the help and training from Min-hyuk, she manages to control her strength to use it for good causes.

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She was considerably more attractive than her photo had suggested. Owned by Wayne Huizenga and former hang out of Ponzi bandit Scott Rothstein, meet single laotian women in santa ana, Grille 66 is where Fort Lauderdale graduate students dating site finest go to wine and dine. They are supposed to receive a call from their leader any moment, assigning positions for the evening.

Ask questions and then listen to what they say.

Pre Debut Son un grupo llamado Bangtan Boys dados a conocer en el La agencia estuvo buscando desde un grupo masculino basado en el Hip-Hop.

Early life[ edit ] Self-described as introverted and insecure in his childhood and teenage years, So Ji-sub trained to become a professional swimmer [1] for 11 years and bagged the bronze medal [2] at the Korean National Games. His parents divorced at a young age. He has one older sister who lives in Australia. He tried out modeling simply because he wanted to pose alongside hip-hop artist Kim Sung-jae , who was the celebrity face for a clothing brand at the time. I did modeling because I wanted to see Kim and also because it was the best way to earn good easy money.

So began to rise to fame with hit drama What Happened in Bali , but was again overshadowed by co-star Jo In-sung. At that time, So thought he would end up being a supporting actor.

Song Joong Ki

Aug 06 3: Park will be coming out in a chinese movie Aug It is called “scent”.

I decided to create a separate blog post for additional Korean dramas. I thought this list is getting too long and some of you might be having hard time loading the page. Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I would say I used to hate Romantic Comedy dramas. And then I met my husband, Lee Min Ho. I know they were crap, but some unspecified addictive chemical in them kept me drinking.

And because I got too addicted to it, I came up with an idea to embark on a quest to find the good quality romantic comedies. Feel free to scroll down below. This guy, how can you not love him? He, alone, is enough reason to watch this drama. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good. The plot, the actors, the chemistry between the casts — total package.

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That makes it a solid successor to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, just with less seriousness and more cheek. I could really use a show like this about now. He sits reading a book with stately poise… and then his mouth quirks up in a grin and he shoots a surreptitious look around. Ha, are you reading something naughty?

Lonelyhearts brightens at the encouragement. So Ra-on advises Lonelyhearts to stay away for ten days to make her wonder, and he dutifully obeys.

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Desember 19, Long time not post here, so here I am. I will post about my current OTP right now. Because of my tight busy schedule, I can not watch drama freely like before, so I just can catch up We Got Married, that only airing every Saturday. Yura uploaded these photos on her official SNS twitter account. Jonghyun uploaded this picture on his official SNS facebook account.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the drama so far. Kang Mo Yeon is the main female character of the drama. She starts out in the drama as a doctor who works hard in hopes of getting a professor position at her hospital. She rules the operations team because of her experience. However, Mo Yeon soars to popularity through the show and becomes the mascot of the hospital. In order to fulfill her TV personality role, Mo Yeon does not operate anymore. As she becomes more popular, she becomes known throughout the hospital all the way to the chairman of the hospital.

Park Si

As a child, Park displayed a talent for singing, saying, “When I was young, I used to be so shy that I cried when I was told to sing in front of my dad on the Lunar New Year. My mom ended up sending me to a singing academy, hoping it would help me get over my shyness, but the strange thing is that I couldn’t sing in front of my mom but I wasn’t nervous at all on stage. In , she took a leave of absence from school and entered in the regional Miss Seoul beauty pageant, placing third, followed by the Miss Korea pageant.

Her profile photos were eventually handed over to a Chinese agency, and several auditions later, this led to Park making her acting debut in China.

Synopsis[ edit ] Joseon , around Lee Gyeom Lee Joon-gi is the son of the virtuous nobleman Lee Won-ho, who is the king’s trustworthy supporter and brother, and a central member of the secret organization Cheonwoohoe, composed of other five important nobles with the king as their leader. When a blind fortune teller, looking at Lee Won-ho’s home, refers to the king that he sees a person as bright as the sun who would be adored by the people, the king killed Lee Won-ho as he believed that ‘two suns cannot exist on the same sky’.

Gyeom, from the inside of a safe, manages to survive and witnesses the murder; later, when he is forced to throw a rock at his mother’s head to prove that he isn’t her son, he loses his memory for the shock and is adopted by a retired thief, Soe-dol, who renames him “Yong”. Thirteen years later, Yong regains his memories and begins to search for his older sister Yeon, only to see her being sentenced and hanged.

The murder of his older sister leaves Gyeom seeking revenge and, with the emblem on the killer’s sword he remembers from thirteen years ago as his only clue, he swears to avenge his family. To find the sword and its owner, he disguises himself as the mysterious, black-swathed thief Iljimae, who breaks into the nobles’ estates the members of the secret organization, Cheonwoohoe. Meanwhile, he also helps the people with injustices, becoming a hero.

At the scene of each robbery, he leaves a handkerchief portraying a branch of red plum blossoms, symbol of the house where he lived and of his childhood memories: The king and the nobility try to catch Iljimae and find his identity, especially the guard Byeon Si-hoo, who sees this as an opportunity to redeem himself from his life of misery and become a noble. In the meantime, Yong falls in love with Eun-chae, daughter of nobleman Byeon Shik and Si-hoo’s stepsister, who can’t forget her first love Lee Gyeom.

Chae Rim korean actress

Moons further raised her profile with Brilliant Legacy, in which she played a privileged girl who alternately antagonizes and pities her stepsister. Moon Chaewon was born in Daegu, South Korea. It was the first time in Korean drama history that two actresses won the Best Couple Award, despite the ual conservatism of Korean network television. After the Kye Yoo Jung Riot, the two lovers hand contact received more attention. Dalui Yeonin Bobogyungsim Ryeo Hangul: The two actors, who seem very comfortable with each other, have filmed multiple heart wrenching scenes together.

Reporters visited the actual place where the two frequent together. This particular spot is in Kang Nam, a popular spot for celebrities to go on dates. It is especially common to see one or two couples down in the Chung Dam Dong alley at a cafe. Across the street from the the cafe that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were spotted in, is a restaurant that Park Si Yeon and her husband were seen having a meal, proving the frequency in which celebrities are seen.

The employee of the cafe that was interviewed showed reporters the actual room that the couple used, and told viewers that other celebrity couples also frequent their cafe. The employee of course in the interest of business and loyal customers did not reveal who, leaving viewers curious as to who these couples are. Not going to lie, but I’m kind of jealous and happy for the couple at the same time.

This is not the first time they have been caught in the act, but they don’t seem to be bothered by the attention at all. Jalinan asmara keduanya terungkap ketika beberapa foto yang memperlihatkan mereka tengah berkencan di sebuah kafe beredar luas di internet. Para penggemar pun bertanya-tanya mengenai tempat kencan favorit Min Ho dan Min Young. Dalam sebuah acara televisi ‘Nightly TV Celebrity’ akhirnya terungkap bahwa nama kafe yang biasa dikunjungi pasangan tersebut tak lain adalah Kang Nam.

Dikutip dari laman Soompi, kafe ini memang popular di kalangan selebritas Korea sebagai tempat kencan. Selain Min Ho dan Min Young, selebritas lainnya juga kerap terlihat menghabiskan waktu di tempat tersebut.

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