Fifty Years of the Remington Model

They are VERY picky about which ammo they like. That is due to the super thin barrel and the two little pressure points that are built into the stock’s barrel channel. They are also very picky about how much pressure is on the action screws. When I first bought mine it would not shoot under 4 inches with anything. I tried 15 different types of factory loads and a bunch of handloads. Then I free floated the barrel and it would suddenly shoot a half inch group with Federal factory grain boat tails. Then I decided to re-bed the action and it shot two or three other loads at half inch as long as I let the barrel cool. Remington found out about my story and sent me a free stock in the overnight mail.

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He often utilised actions from other manufacturers, particularly BSA full-bore and small frame Cadet , and built his own rifles around them. He also led the field with his own miniature calibre “take-down” designs. Few gunmakers could produce a truly reliable and accurate take-down target rifle; his own system, in which the action body was split below the barrel and clamped onto the barrel breech thread, became well respected and commonplace.

The catalogue, from which replications are here shown, is undated; however, it holds mention of Greener’s newly published edition of his book ” Sharpshooting for War and Defence” of which the ’emergency edition’ was dated October

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Varmintguy, I see what you mean. MY needs safety OFF to lift the bolt. ODD, if built in I had a VLS built black tip on stock. Friend has a couple older BDL Varmints. They need the safety OFF to lift bolt. At least I think I have this all listed out in the right order. Can you verify this with a bunch of your ‘s of various years? Yes I do have a bunch of bolt action Remingtons. I can answer ONE of your questions right off the bat – the answer is Remington started putting J-locks on their Rifles during the production year 2, I know this because I bought a Remington Classic that year in caliber Remington.

The Rifle I bought was on the shelf with several other Remington Classics in Remington caliber and yet the one I chose was the only one without a J-lock on the bolt. This J-lock fad only lasted a couple of years. I am not sure which year right off hand that the Remington ‘s changed the trigger mechanism from locking the bolt to allowing the bolt to operate with the safety engaged in the “ON” position.

Remington Recalls Batch of Rifles With Faulty Triggers

Loaded ammo should be labeled and components should be used in rotation, using the older stock first. Having only one load and one jug of powder makes it a moot point. Loading numerous loads and having components dating back near WWII makes the labeling idea attractive. I seriously can’t remember what every flat of shells would be unless they were labeled. Given the short supply of some components these days, the general practice of making do with what you can get, rather than what you “Usually” use is the new reality.

It makes sense for me, but if you don’t feel the need, then don’t shrug it off as useless.

Arms Collectors’ Reference Books **NEW ADDITION** THE GRENADE RECOGNITION MANUAL VOL 1- U.S. GRENADES & ACCESSORIES – By Darryl W. Lynn. This is a copy of the first edition with pages. A revised edition was completed in with pages currently available for $50 plus shipping from the author.

Before I took it out to shoot it, I ran a patch of Kroil through it, then a dry patch and bore scoped it. The chamber was full of wormholes and pits. It looked as though someone had hammer forged it around a rusty mandrel. I did not shoot the rifle. Instead, I called Remington and they sent me an RA. I shipped it back to them with bore scope pictures, and within a month and a half they sent it back.

Model Date of Manufacture

Remington also produces the Mountain LSS model with a stainless steel barrel and laminated stock. Heavy barrel versions with laminated stocks like the Model SPS varmint are available for varmint hunting. Remington produced a ML muzzleloading rifle from onwards. The EtronX electronic primer ignition system was implemented in the Model EtronX introduced in Both rifles also come optionally in a Tactical Weapons System TWS package, complete with telescopic sights, a bipod, and carrying case.

The P series appears to have been influenced by the designs, features, and success of the M24 Sniper Weapon System and the M40 series, with one feature of the Model P series being the heavier and thicker barrel for increased accuracy and reduced recoil.

Fabrique National (FN) is a Belgium based firearms manufacturer that has a long history of firearms development and production which extends to development work with the USA, dating all the way back to when John Browning himself was working directly with FN in the early ’s.

While most shooters are familiar with the , fewer are aware of its little brother, the Model Seven. It is marked BLK, has a bolt face, and is drilled and tapped for screws. For reference and parts comparison purposes, a schematic of the Model Seven rifle can be found here , and the model found here. The Model Seven above, left is shorter in overall length, has a shorter rear bridge, larger ejection port and closer rear scope mounting screws than the Remington above, right.

Early Model Sevens has a total of three mounting screws. Later models, like the one shown above, have four. The barrel tenon dimensions for both actions are the same. Similar in design and construction three pieces: The bolt shroud of the Model Seven above, left has a different profile and is machined flat on the right side to allow the safety to clear. The Model Seven above, top utilizes a different bolt stop than the Remington above, bottom.

The Model bolt stop is secured with a longer sear pin. The Model Seven, has an additional hole in between the two trigger pin holes to secure the bolt stop. Because of this, the bolt stop does not need to be removed when the removing the trigger from the Model Seven. The Model Seven and use different triggers.

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Remington Arms is our nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer dating back to the early ’s. To this day, the company offers a very comprehensive selection of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. During World War II, Remington began making Model Springfield rifles to help keep up with the.

Share It was the kind of challenge that engineers live for and dread all at once. The top-selling product at the Remington Arms Co. But there were also complaints — even lawsuits — about the guns going off without the trigger being pulled. The engineers set out to design a new version, better than the original. But first, they had to get it past the legal department. So on a chilly March day at Remington’s main plant in Ilion, New York, the engineers met with the lawyers.

Topping the agenda, according to notes by engineer James Hutton: It would need new safety features, the notes say, including a design that keeps debris from getting inside, and a way to keep customers from making dangerous, do-it-yourself adjustments. The meeting took place in It would be another 17 years, thousands more complaints and about more lawsuits before Remington would finally put a new fire control for the Model on the market.

Many of those lawsuits blamed Remington for serious injuries, as well as multiple deaths. Secret documents from inside the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer show corporate attorneys heavily involved in multiple attempts by Remington engineers to develop a safer rifle. The documents, obtained exclusively by CNBC, come to light as the company and plaintiffs’ attorneys seek final court approval of a landmark class-action settlement in which Remington has agreed to replace the triggers in as many as 7.

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Events Remington Review Based on several preceding designs by Remington, the action is the final evolution of a concept that Remington began working with in What Remington wanted to create was a bolt-action rifle that would give the same reliability as existing models while minimizing the number of parts and machining processes.

In the course of this development the also turned out to be more accurate and safer than many existing models, so all the better. In keeping with the maxim:

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The rifle is 7X65R cal. Also comes with a set of 20 ga shotgun bbls. These are all included in a case. The engraving on the frame is beautiful. It is well executed with some deep relief engraving on the bolsters and some very fine scroll on the sides and bottom. This was evidently a special order gun for someone since on the trigger guard in a small oval is the initials “APA”. Also on the pistol grip cap is an Elk escutcheon. High quality wood that appears to be French Walnut which would make sense since these where made in France.

A nice slim trim double rifle in a very good caliber.

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Also some letters were left out if there was a chance of misidentifying a date. Also they jockeyed year letters to a new starting point in If you find marks on the underside of the barrel, they will more than likely be fitters or assembly marks, which mean nothing as to dating the firearm. To find general manufacturing dates it may be best to go to the Blue Book of Gun Values, which does give manufacturing dates of most models.

) A Large Greener (or Greener-type) Whaling Gun circa 36″ long barrel, 3 1/2″ wide at breech, approx. 1 3/4″ bore. Brass action with hinged lid (rear tip of lid broken off), single large hammer fired by lanyard that passes through hole to underside of stock.

Modal Trigger Trent Procter of Swan River, Manitoba, shows his injured left hand months after his muzzleloader exploded. This time, the gun barrel exploded, knocking the farmer from Hampton, Iowa, backward, severely damaging his right hand and ear and burning his face. Unknown to Hansen, the manufacturer of the rifle that injured him in had received other complaints of explosions and injuries over the prior decade.

Customers repeatedly reported that the barrel of the stainless steel 10 ML-II muzzleloader exploded, burst, split or cracked, according to thousands of court documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Lawyers for the company, Westfield, Massachusetts-based Savage Arms, were expected to appear Wednesday in federal court in Iowa to defend against a lawsuit filed by Hansen.

He is seeking damages for his injuries, alleging the company failed to warn customers about the defect. At least three have been settled on a confidential basis since last year. Savage Arms has argued that operator error is to blame for the explosions, saying users must have created too much pressure inside the barrel either by loading two bullets or using the wrong amount or type of gunpowder.

In , Congress blocked the newly created Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has broad authority to regulate everything from toasters to toys and BB guns, from restricting the manufacture or sale of firearms. Other companies have faced allegations that they allowed unsafe guns to stay on the market. Remington agreed to replace triggers in its popular Model rifles — only after several lawsuits claiming that they were prone to accidentally discharging.

Ruger was accused of marketing revolvers for decades that could fire when dropped.

Remington Trigger Class Action Settlement

Payment Plans Performance The rifle packages come completely assembled and the scope zeroed at yards. We fire the minimum amount of rounds to zero the rifle, usually rounds. With this few of rounds fired it should not interfere with the barrel break-in procedure by the owner if they elect to do so. Be sure to click on the details of the calibers and check the twist rates to determine if they will work for the loads you want to use. The exact package options may change over time as new products become available or are added due to demand.

Over all we have been very pleased with the performance of these rifles compared to the price point and they have been enjoyable to put together.

BSA International and ISU rifle Rimfire – Long Rifle cartridge. BSA International Mk.V rifle Rimfire – Long Rifle cartridge. A good International will shoot every bit as well as an Anschutz of much lesser age. A colleague was still using his in County competition with a .

The settlement is final. The Court approved the settlement on March 13, An appeal was filed and resolved. Remington is in the process of repairing firearms and distributing other benefits. Unless your firearm is subject to a safety recall, repairs will be completed in the order in which claims were filed. Remington will contact you by e-mail when it is ready for you to ship in your firearm or it is ready for you to take your firearm to the RARC.

Remington will do its best to return firearms in the shortest time practicable but repairs will take several weeks to complete. The class action lawsuit claims that trigger mechanisms with a component part known as a trigger connector are defectively designed and can result in accidental discharges without the trigger being pulled. The lawsuit contends that the value and utility of these firearms have been diminished as a result of these alleged defects.

Defendants deny any wrongdoing. The Settlement provides benefits to: What does the Settlement provide? Settlement Class Members may be entitled to:

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Fifty Years of the Remington Model Craig Boddington – December 21, In both the 19th and 20th centuries, American gunmakers probably designed and produced more great firearms than any country on Earth. Some have had lasting impact and passed the century mark — Colt’s Single Action Army , the Winchester Model 94 and the Browning-designed Colt come immediately to mind.

Many more have passed the half-century mark and beyond.

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These used a cylindrical receiver produced from cylindrical bar stock that could be turned on a lathe , rather than machined in a series of milling operations, which significantly reduced the cost of production. In addition, small metal parts, including the bottom metal, were stamped , and the stocks were not finished as highly as older models. Further developments of the basic action under the direction of Walker produced the Model and Model , and ultimately in , the Model Like the earlier , the Remington action was designed for mass production.

In , Remington introduced several upgrades for the rifle, including a longer rear bolt shroud, a jeweled bolt and improved stock finishing. Four years later, production of left-handed versions of the rifle began, to compete with the Savage Model , which was at that time the only major rifle manufactured with a left-handed variant.

In addition to its development as a hunting rifle, the Model also provided the basis for military and police sniper rifles, starting with the M40 rifle in , which was initially ordered by the United States Marine Corps. The bolt face is recessed, fully enclosing the base of the cartridge, The extractor is a C-clip sitting within the bolt face. The ejector is a plunger on the bolt face actuated by a coil spring. The bolt is of 3-piece construction, brazed together head, body and bolt handle.

The receiver is milled from round cross-section steel. The symmetrical two-lug bolt body has a. There are standard consumer versions as well as versions designed for military and police use.

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